Rural  Apartments  "El Bosque de las Viñas"

Rural Apartments "El Bosque de las Viñas" are in the council of Boal, in western Asturias. We have 7 rural accommodation with charm and quality, full rental can accommodate two people or more. 7 cottages are supported by 4 brands of quality tourism obtaining numerous awards throughout our history including the Tourism Excellence 2009 awarded by the Regional Tourist Board of Asturias, which places them as one of the best houses integro rental Asturias.

Tourist apartments are located in an old Asturian house more than 200 years it antigüedad.Su operation is similar to that of a rural hotel reception atendida.Si permanently want to make a trip to Asturias, you can sleep in one of the apartments with Jacuzzi or fireplace. All apartments have what it takes to make your stay in Asturias rewarding, whether traveling as a couple and with children. All apartments have WIFI signal so you do not miss anything or even being in rural areas.

We are inside Historical Park Navia, where there are numerous tourist resources and Asturian councils to visit: Mountain and beaches of western Asturias, rural villages, and if you want to perform activity area has several active tourism companies, and multiple routes walking or mountain biking. We next Oscos mountain declared a World Biosphere Reserve by the road and saw the bobia within walking distance of the village of Taramundi.El Penouta hill with its natural roof, chao Alto da Raña, the castro the written or cova of the Demo stops are unavoidable.